Ahrex – Imitation Shrimp – by Jesper Lindquist Andersen

As spring arrives and the shallow coastal water gets warmer, large numbers of prey appear and predatory fish will follow. Small baitfish and shrimp are on the menu for e.g. sea run brown trout here in Scandinavia, but it can often be a good idea to move a bit from the classic provocation colours, which are often used when the water is cold in winter, to more neutral and realistic ones to trick the fish to take. This nice small shrimp fly, which we have had Jesper Lindquist Andersen to demonstrate, is an obvious and effective bid for a realistic shrimp – and which has many fine sea trout on its conscience at the end of Jesper’s leader along his local shores.



Hook: Ahrex NS156 Traditional Shrimp # 8
Thread: Tan UTC
Weight: Lead-free wire
Tail: Mallard, cream Craft Fur and orange Rizz Fibre
Butt: Fl. Shell Pink SLF dubbing, Coq De Leon hacklefibres
Eyes: Easy Shrimp Eyes XS, Smoke Grey
Rib: Monofilament nylon rib
Hackle: Coq De Leon hackle
Body: SLF dubbing Imitation Seal

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