Halibut World Record Fly Fishing in Norway

Vision Fly Fishing: Flymaniacs with Niklaus Bauer & Paolo Pacchiarini

A special fly fishing adventure in Northern Norway continues with Niklaus Bauer & Paolo Pacchiarini! At Camp Halibut Niklaus and Paolo were chasing to break and make new world records for Atlantic Halibut. Paolo Pacchiarini has deep traditions with IGFA (The International Game Fish Association) and Paolo is holding at the moment 9 world records in different tippets and species. IGFA is an association that works for several conservation programs, education on responsible and ethical angling (youth courses, online cources etc.) and IGFA maintains the IGFA World Records.



Paolo and Niklaus went for 16lb and 20lb tippet world record attempts that were vacant and responsible tippet strengths to fish considering the size of the fish in the certain area they were fishing.

Niklaus and Paolo were fishing with Vision Merisuola Musky and Merisuola Predator rods. Musky is available in 8’8” #12 which makes it great rod for fishing big halibut. It’s combination of lightness and power with longer EVA handle.

Within IGFA World Records there are several categories between the tackle and line class. Every applied world record will be validated through the IGFA standards. If you wanted to know more about the IGFA and IGFA world records, please visit: https://igfa.org/world-records/.

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