Fly Fishing Master Class: How to Fish Buzzers on Stillwaters for Trout

Fulling Mill Fly Fishing: Buzzer fishing is upon us and the fishing is great. Now is the time to get out and catch fish on buzzers! Some of you (anglers in the US for example) may know these as chironomids, so just know that they’re the same thing as buzzers. In this fly fishing master class, Signature Tyer Rob Edmunds heads out on his home water, Grafham Water, to show us how to fish buzzers on stillwaters for trout. He talks us through several of the different rigs he uses, lines, rods, leader set-ups and of course, flies. He starts the day with a midge tip, but the fish are quickly up on top so he spends most of the day fishing a floating line with the washing line method using buzzers, daddies and diawl bachs. Rob also talks about where to fish, and strategies for finding bigger, grown on fish. For all you stillwater anglers across the world, this is a great place to learn how to fish buzzers on your own waters!



If you’d like to purchase the flies used in this video you can find them online through the below link, or you can ask for them at your local dealer:

If you want to find some of these patterns in the US, you can here:

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