Euro Nymphing Tactics: Signature Tyer Pat Weiss on Micro Leader Nymphing

Fulling Mill Fly Fishing: Pat Weiss has been testing and innovating modern Euro nymphing tactics in the US for many years—long before virtually anyone else in the US knew about it. As a result, he has fished many different styles of nymphing and dry fly leaders over the years and can explain how they function. In this video on Euro nymphing tactics he talks about one that is currently very popular: the micro leader. He talks about what it is, what it does well and what it does not do well. He goes into casting it, what a good drift might look like, and why fly weight matters. This is a great technical video for anyone interested in getting into micro leader Euro nymphing.



Pat Weiss has been a member of Fly Fishing Team USA for 13 years. A lifelong angler and tier, he has honed his skills on technical wild trout in Pennsylvania where he lives. Pat is a Signature Tyer for us at Fulling Mill, and he has some extremely popular Euro nymph, dry fly and streamer patterns. His flies have no frills and are purpose built. They are durable fish catching machines.

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