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Dig deeper in the tippet world

Need a fantastic selection of new tippet? To win a dozen spools of different sizes of the "alternate" types of tippet shown in this picture simply let us know what the strength of 5X Suppleflex tippet is.

  Introducing RIO’s Alternate Trout Tippet Selection.   TWO TONE INDICATOR This is the best indicator material for building sighters for European Style nymphing, featuring alternating 8” sections of fluorescent pink and fluorescent chartreuse. These color breaks create maximum contrast to allow anglers to get visual cues when tight line nymphing. Learn more   BIG NASTY Designed […]

Time for Big Bugs

RIO has you covered with the InTouch Big Nasty fly line, and matching Big Nasty leaders and tippet.

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy, fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high… Back in 1958 when Ella Fitzgerald first sang what would become a hugely popular song, there were no graphite rods, or modern plastic fly lines, but she said it right – it is summertime, and fish are jumping! At this time […]