The African Tiger – Capt Jack Productions Fly Fishing Film Tour ‘18 Trailer

Capt Jack Productions presents – The African Tiger. Official selection of the 2018 Fly Fishing Film Tour.


The African Tiger – Capt Jack Productions Fly Fishing Film Tour ’18 Trailer from Capt Jack Productions on Vimeo.


Africa is best known for its wild safaris showcasing its impressive wildlife, with campfires and beautiful sunsets in the background. However, it also offers a Fly Fisherman a chance at a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, and an opportunity to try and tame… The African Tiger! Follow the Capt Jack Productions team, as they search for ‘The African Tiger’. Armed to the teeth, and a ferocious alpha predator in all the rivers they are found, it is no easy task to get one to hand.
Since 2003 Tourette Fishing have been doing groundbreaking pioneer work in Africa, involved in Botswana, Lesotho, Gabon, Sudan and Tanzania. Mnyera and Ruhudji Rivers, part of Kilombero North Safaris portfolio of concessions, together offer one of the last remaining frontiers of freshwater fishing – as of November 2008 less than 15 individuals had fished these amazing waters.

Set deep in an untouched corner of the Tanzanian Wilderness, this area is famous for being home to monster 20lb+ tigers. The river banks are also home to big game and many rare and endemic bird species. The fly fishing discovery of this system in August 2008 has been widely acknowledged as one of the highlights in African Sport fishing over the past decade. To indicate the enormity of the discovery, in the past half-century that fly fisherman have been targeting tigers on fly, a 20lb fish was not landed.
The continued success of the fisheries can
be attributed to the cutting edge concession and fishery management, and strict guiding protocols implemented by Kilombero North Safaris and Tourette Fishing.

Special Thanks to
Sponsors – Yeti | Cortland Lines | Thomas & Thomas Fly Rods
Kilombero North Safaris | Tourette Fishing
Guides – Mark Murray, Stuart Harley, Greg Ghaui, Rob Scott and Keith Clover
Film Crew – Paul Bourcq, Jeremiah Hamilton, Jako Lucas
Wild Life footage – Andrew Danchwert, Grant Wiswell
Drone – Stuart Harley, Jako Lucas
B-Roll – Mark Murray
Editing – Jako Lucas
Anglers – Rebekka Redd, Jako Lucas
Photography – Rebekka Redd, Jeremiah Hamilton, Mark Murray, Stuart Harley, Jako Lucas, Matt Harris
Music – Premium Beats, Audio Jungle
Graphics – Jako Lucas

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