Jean-Claude Bel to retire as EFTTA CEO

Jean-Claude Bel, CEO of the European Fishing Tackle Trade Association (EFTTA) for the past eleven years, is to retire on October 1st this year. Brussels in June will be his last EFTTEX.

EFTTA President Robin Morley confirmed the situation following the association’s Board meeting last week. “It was an emotional occasion,” said Morley, Managing Director of Daiwa Sports (UK). “The Board thanked Jean-Claude for the job he has done over a long period of time.
“Now the EFTTA Board is looking at how it should continue the important work Jean-Claude has done. We are exploring the options available. There needs to be a replacement, but we are not yet in a position to decide who that should be. We will draw up a job description for the role before making a decision. We need to decide exactly what the job should involve. We will review the situation and decide the best way forward for EFTTA and the European fishing tackle industry.”

Jean-Claude Bel took a step back in his role as CEO early last year, agreeing with the Board that he would reduce overseas travel and focus on the association’s efforts in Brussels and other matters to promote the profile and visibility of EFTTA and EFTTEX.


EFTTA CEO, Jean-Claude Bel, is set to retire in October this year after eleven years with the organisation.
EFTTA CEO, Jean-Claude Bel, is set to retire in October this year after eleven years with the organisation.


“I have enjoyed my time at EFTTA, but eleven years as the face and voice of the association is enough. One has to stop sometime,” he said. “I became CEO at a difficult time for EFTTA and I am satisfied that today people are much more aware of the organisation and what it does for the industry.”
The vastly experienced Frenchman held senior positions with some of Europe’s biggest tackle companies, including Mitchell, O. Mustad & Son, Mepps, Freetime Group France and Rapala France SAS, before becoming EFTTA’s first-ever full -time CEO in 2008. His longest-serving role was ten years as Chairman of Rapala France SAS.

Last week’s Board meeting also saw EFTTA extend the contract of Membership Director, Jacque Prallet, for a further year. The former CEO of Pure Fishing Europe has been working to build the membership of EFTTA for the past year.

“Jacques has been doing a fantastic job in bringing new members on board and we want him to continue that,” said Morley. “He has signed a number of new members at the FeHoVa Show in Hungary in February and was also actively recruiting at China Fish and other shows this year.”


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