Irish Salmon Angling Regulations for 2020 published

In all, 81 rivers will open for angling activity in 2020, 40 of these rivers will be fully open with a further 41 for angling on a “catch & release” basis.


Unhooking a Blackwater salmon before it's sent on it's way...
Unhooking a Blackwater salmon before it’s sent on it’s way…


The Wild Salmon and Sea Trout Tagging Scheme regulates salmon and sea trout fishing in Ireland and is administered by Inland Fisheries Ireland. Please note that the regulations and bye-laws are subject to change. Contact your local Inland Fisheries Ireland office for information on individual rivers.
All salmon rod licence holders must affix a gill tag to all retained salmon (any size), or sea trout (over 40 cm).

Notwithstanding anything contained in any Bye-law, it is prohibited for a person to use, or attempt to use, worms as bait or to use, or attempt to use any fish hooks, other than single or double barbless hooks, in angling for any kind of fish in the waters of a river mentioned in column (2) of the Schedule opposite the mention of a fishery district in column (1) of that Schedule. See full details of new Bye-law on link: Angling Bye law No 973 2019 (145 KB).

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