Looking Back – Irish Spring Salmon

Looking Back – Irish Spring Salmon


Another look back through our angling heritage and this time it is to River Slaney and the Munster Blackwater we go to see how things were with the 1988 Channel 4 angling documentary series ‘The Angling Experience’, this one posted on the Swelly Dave Youtube channel.

Narrated by another friend of angling recently lost to us, Dick Warner, two intrepid anglers spend a cold spring day on each of the rivers in search of that elusive springer, with some fine fish featuring in the short film. Many of the same flies featured in the documentary over thirty years ago will still work today, flies like the Hairy Mary, Blue Charm and Garry Dog, but we seldom hear of anyone using a yellowbelly Devon Minnow these days – an essential part of the kit for any angler looking to spin for salmon thirty years ago – now wholly replaced by the Flying C.

The picture quality is far from HD and the sound takes a bit of getting used to, but the essence of fishing for spring salmon is captured as nicely as the fish themselves.




Source: https://www.fishinginireland.info.


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