A fly fisher’s best friend — salmon fishing up north

When Lars Munk, aka Munken, decided to go all in at salmon fishing, he settled down along Torneälven in Pajala, Swedish Lapland. Back then, in the early 2010 very few salmon migrated the rivers in northern Sweden, still Munken fell head over heels in love with the sport.
The number of salmon running the rivers increased over the years and now the river system of Torneälven is considered to be one of the most productive Atlantic salmon systems in the world.



Meanwhile Munken and his friends have gathered an impressive track record of catch big Baltic salmon on the fly, with Kristian Stridman’s impressive fish of 128 centimeters at the top — and Munken always seem to have something to do with it.

This is some kind of testimonial of how having a friend like Munken can change the fortune of every salmon angler out there. If you like this sort of content, please consider subscribing to the channel.

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