Loon Outdoors: Different Fish, Different Places Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Loon Outdoors is proud to present Different Fish, Different Places Chapter 2: The Deep South. This is Chapter 2 of Different Fish, Different Places, a new series of videos created by Dominic Bruno, Hogan Brown, and Matt Callies to shine light on anglers in unique places targeting fish other than traditional fly fishing species like trout and steelhead.

Most anglers don’t realize there is so much more to our sport than trout and steelhead. Many of them will travel long distances to chase traditional species when there are opportunities for different fish within minutes of most people’s homes.

“Different Fish, Different Places is a celebration of fly fishermen pushing and expanding our sport past the conventional in unconventional places,” says Hogan Brown, Director of Marketing at Loon Outdoors. “There are more fly anglers now than in any other time in history and our trout and steelhead fisheries have never been in such peril with drought, overfishing, wildfires, floods, and just plain overcrowding. Different Fish, Different Places not only celebrates those pushing our sport in different directions, it shows people that there is so much more out there to fish for than what many fly anglers considered worthwhile just a few years ago. Why be the 50th boat on a float when you can be the only angler on a smallmouth bass creek, pond, or carp canal? Anglers, both new and old, should get out there and fish for different fish in different places – who knows, they may like it.”

Different Fish, Different Places Chapter 2: The Deep South tells the story of Adam Hudson of Blue Line Flies growing up in rural Huntsville, Alabama, home to some to some of the most famous smallmouth and largemouth bass lakes in the country. Little do most people know that there is also some of the most beautiful and scenic rivers in the world that feed these lakes. Adam’s obsession with finding out how to catch smallmouth and largemouth bass like the conventional anglers, but with a fly rod, changed the direction of his life. In this chapter, Dominic and Hogan travel to the Deep South to truly find Different Fish in Different Places.

“I have never felt so out of place in a fly fishing raft holding a fly rod than in rural North Alabama” – Hogan Brown


About Loon Outdoors
Every angler puts a lot of thought into what he or she brings to the water. We believe it is equally important to think about what is left there. That is what fishing with a conscience is all about; ascribing value to the health of the water we fish. We develop our products with these values in mind and make sure they are safe for fish, fisheries, and fishermen, without ever compromising quality or performance. By offering reusable and biodegradable weights and indicators we make sure lost tackle doesn’t harm wildlife. Our floatants, sinkets and cleaners are solvent-free and consist of water-soluble components that perform without polluting the water. And our tying paints, cements and wax are non-toxic and odorless, to keep tying benches free from harmful fumes. We will continue to develop products that help anglers protect the water they love while they are doing what they love. Our products will always allow anglers to fish with a conscience.


“I have never felt so out of place in a fly fishing raft holding a fly rod than in rural North Alabama” – Hogan Brown

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