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Loon Outdoors is proud to present Different Fish, Different Places Chapter 3: The California Surf. Different Fish, Different Places is a new series of videos created by Dominic Bruno, Hogan Brown, and Matt Callies to shine light on anglers in unique places, targeting fish other than traditional fly fishing species like trout and steelhead.

Different Fish, Different Places has travelled from the canals of Phoenix, Arizona to the backwoods of Alabama, and is now exploring the mighty Pacific coast of California, outside one of the most densely populated regions in the west, the San Francisco Bay Area.


Northern California has a long history of fly fishing and the city of San Francisco has played a huge role in that history.


Northern California has a long history of fly fishing and the city of San Francisco has played a huge role in that history. The Golden Gate Angling & Casting Club that gave rise to legends like Mel Krieger, Tim Rajeff and Steve Rajeff was also the birth place of rod manufacturers like Scott Fly Rods and R L Winston Fly Rods. A little further north, EC, Walton, and Press Powell developed the legendary E.C. Powell Rod Co. Not to mention all the of legendary trout and steelhead water that makes Northern California a fly fishing paradise.

Even with all this heritage and water surrounding the Bay Area, there has always been those that looked to different fish in different places to bend a rod and wet a line. There is a long history of surf fishing for striped bass in and around the Bay Area, as not every angler could make the drive to the fabled trout or steelhead waters. Many anglers opted to fish the local beaches as schools of stripers would migrate into the San Francisco Bay on their way to spawn in the California Delta each year.

“Striped bass, they are just the perfect fly rod fish. They crush flies, they pull so hard. The places they live, the migration..” – George Revel, owner of Lost Coast Outfitters.

In Different Fish, Different Places Chapter 3, Loon Outdoors explores the San Francisco Bay Area with George Revel and Steve Adachi of Lost Coast Outfitters along with Evan Praskin of Stokeventures Fly Fishing. Joining the crew to experience fly fishing in the Northern California surf were fellow anglers of the Bay Area fly fishing community: Pete Fazzini, William O’Neil, Paul Waters, Cash Bolos and Owen Murray. These passionate anglers share the story of the rise and recent decline of the controversial, non-native striped bass due to water exports, climate change, overfishing, poor water management, and the agricultural industry.



Loon Outdoors Different Fish, Different Places: California Surf


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