New episodes of the Far Bank Fly Fishing School

“How To Learn The Double Haul” – Far Bank Fly Fishing School, Episode 13

This episode may be the most useful episode of your fly casting life as it delves into the highly efficient fly casting technique called the double haul. Double hauling is much more than a style of fly casting; it increases line speed dramatically, which gives the caster much more distance, better control and penetration in the wind, and results in a lot less fatigue after a day casting on the water. Usually considered difficult to learn, this episode breaks the components down into simple step-by-step sections that make it easy and fast to learn. As you will see, learning to double haul the “army way” will soon have you making longer casts than you ever have before. Oh, and if you know how to double haul already, don’t worry, this episode has some great advanced tips that will help even the best casters out.



“How To Fish Spring Creeks” – Far Bank Fly Fishing School, Episode 14

This episode of the Far Bank Fly Fishing School series focuses on the utter delight and beauty that fishing a spring creek brings to the angler. For some, a spring creek provides a more technical way of fishing, a tougher prey to try and entice, and provides a great test of angling and casting skills. For others, it is the beautiful canvas that mother nature has painted – a place to slow down and savour the ambience and tranquillity that spring creeks provide. Whatever the reason, fly fishing in spring creeks requires new skills, a more cautious approach than regular rivers, and a different approach when it comes to rigging. Before we get into the bones of this episode just remember that you must have the necessary licenses and permission to go fishing, and you should know the rules and regulations of the water you are fishing. So, with that out of the way let’s slide into this episode and see just how to fly fish a spring creek.



“How To Trout Spey, Gear & Casts” – Far Bank Fly Fishing School, Episode 15

This episode is the first in a two part mini series that focuses on one of my all time favourite ways to fly fish for trout in a river- something simply called Trout Spey. Trout Spey has rapidly gained popularity in the river trout world in the US, and is a side to fly fishing that can bring you so much enjoyment. It is tricky, but rewarding, and the gear and terminology can bamboozle the most experienced piscator, but it can rapidly become an addiction. In this first part we simply look at the gear needed to stick your toe in this wild water, review some of the basics of grip and stance, and also take a peek at the key casts you need to be successful in the trout Spey world.



“How To Trout Spey, Tactics & Techniques” – Far Bank Fly Fishing School Episode 16

This episode continues our exploration of the wonderful, addictive world that is trout Spey. In the last episode we looked at trout Spey gear, explained some of the basics of stance and grip, and had a quick dive into the key casts a trout Spey angler should know. Now, we take the trout Spey outfits out on the water and discuss some of the most effective rigs for this style of fishing, as well as show the core fishing techniques and tactics you should know that can be best used on your local trout river with these light sabers of the Spey world.



“How To Euro Nymph Fly Fish” – Far Bank Fly Fishing School, Episode 17

In this episode we figuratively venture across the pond and dip into the highly successful, fish-catching world of Euro nymphing. Unlike regular nymphing, Euro nymphing techniques don’t use a regular type of strike indicator, has a completely different casting style to normal fly fishing techniques, and uses incredibly specialized gear – from the rod, to the reel, the line, the leader and even the flies. On that note, do check your local fishing regulations to make sure you are allowed to use more than a single fly as most Euro nymphing techniques uses teams of 2 and 3 flies. Without doubt it is one of the most effective ways of catching trout in a river, so before you can say peche a la mouche, let’s take a look at what is so special about this style of fly fishing.



“How To Fish From A Drift Boat” – Far Bank Fly Fishing School, Episode 18

This episode of the Far Bank Fly Fishing School series focuses on the versatility and effectiveness of fishing out of a drift boat. Fly fishing out of a drift boat requires a unique range of skills and techniques that the wading angler doesn’t utilize, but it is a highly effective way of covering a lot of water and can result in a lot of fish caught. Whatever reason it is, fly fishing in small creeks requires new skills, adaptions of casts, unique fishing techniques, and a different approach to regular sized rivers. So let’s push this episode out into the water and look at some of the best ways of optimizing your day in a drift boat.


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