Sixteen salmon in twelve days

David McEvoy reports from Delphi

12 Aug: So far this month we have sixteen fish landed. There were six in week 31. The week was slow to start but then we had five on the 1st. Husband and wife team of Warren and Susan Osako managed three between them. Susan had a fine fish of 8lbs 5ozs from the Turn Pool on a Willie Gunn and Warren had one from the Turn Pool of 4lbs 6ozs on a Collie Dog and one from the Stream on Finlough of 3lbs 8ozs also on a Collie Dog. William Beattie also had one from the Stream on Finlough of 3lbs 4ozs on a Galway Green. Joe Kelly had a nice fresh grilse of 4lbs1oz off the Whin Pool on a Willie Gunn. William Beattie finished off the week with one from the Whin Pool on the 2nd of 3lbs 7ozs on a Bann Special.

Delphi Lodge.
Delphi Lodge.


So far week 32 has proved more productive with ten landed. Urs got off to a flyer, with two on the 6th. The first was from the Road Pool of 5lbs 2ozs on a Neighbours Cat nymph and the second of 4lbs 2ozs from the Meadow Pool on an Allie Shrimp. John Coulter also had one on the 6th of 1lb 6ozs (not our record, I think I hold that) on the Stream on Finlough on a Cascade. William Beattie and Urs again had one each on the 7th, of 5lbs8ozs from Gough’s Bay on a Willie Gunn and approx. 2lbs from the Holly Pool on a Silver Stoat respectively. On the 9th William Beattie managed two off Finlough, one from Wrens Bay of 4lb 8ozs on a Cascade and one from Gough’s of 4lbs 13ozs on a Willie Gunn. On the 10th Gareth Beattie got off the mark with a nice fresh fish of 4lbs 12ozs from the Grilse Pool on a Cascade. Yesterday Urs had one of approx. 4lbs from the Whin Pool on a Cascade while William Beattie finished his stay with one from Sligo Bay on Fin of 2lbs9ozs on a Cascade.
This morning the river is at 30, so conditions will be ideal for a few days and judging by the longrange forecast there’s no heat wave on the way so there’s no excuses if the fish oblige!

David McEvoy
Delphi Fishery

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At Delphi Lodge, with many years of experience with the timing of the best runs of fish, we have in place a price system that offers both great value fishing and lets our anglers know when they have the best chance to catch a fresh run spring salmon or a summer grilse or Delphi sea trout.

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Northerly winds spoil fishing on Owenmore lakes but river OK


Frank Maunsell from the Owenmore Fishery reports:
13 August: We have had some rain again after a dry period. Since Thursday we have been catching fish, some good grilse, some of them in the river a while but also seatrout with lice.
There are plenty fish in the lakes but we have been cursed with northerly winds this Year, We need south west or south for good fishing on the system. The weather is broken for the rest of the week so the river should be at a good level.

Frank Maunsell
Owenmore Fishery


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There are approximately five miles of fly fishing along the main part of the Owenmore River in Kerry, with 33 named pools and an additional 180 acres of lake fishing in this Kerry beauty spot. The salmon, grilse and sea trout begin to run in April. The runs continue through spring and summer into early October.
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