Save Defileul Jiului National Park (Romania)

The Romanian River Defender Calin Dejeu has recently submitted a petition signed by over 25,500 people to the European Parliament. The petition aims to end the destruction of the Defileul Jiului National Park (Romania) and the overlapping Natura 2000 site due to hydropower exploitation, the drying up of the last big mountain river in Romanian Carpathians, the complete devastation of what should be – according to legal requirement – the most protected water bodies in the river network of Romania.

“It also represents a huge shame for us Europeans, since such a devastation of a national park, with governmental support, would be inconceivable even under the most backward and abusive political regimes in the Third World,” so Calin Dejeu in his email to EU officials.

Jiu River in Jiu Gorge
Jiu River in Jiu Gorge. Picture by Calin Dejeu


An official complaint has already been sent to the European Commission over a year ago, but despite the illegality of the project (the permit expired over ten years ago), the Commission has not taken any action. Furthermore, a coalition of NGOs (WWF, European Environmental Bureau, European Anglers Alliance, Wetlands International and European Rivers Network) sent a letter of protest to the European Commission just recently.

Hydropower construction site in midst of Defileul Jiului National Park
Hydropower construction site in midst of Defileul Jiului National Park. Picture by Calin Dejeu


Read more about the spectacular Defileul Jiului National Park and its ongoing devastation in this news article and SIGN THE PETITION!

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