Bavarian Fly Tying Open 2018

We are looking for modern, innovative and „catchy“ fly patterns!

We are looking for modern, innovative and „catchy“ fly patterns!

Every fly tier can participate in this open fly tying competition. Take part by yourself or motivate your friends to participate! All submissions will be inspected and rated by an international fly tying jury.

The prizes will be given away by an anonymous point system. Take advantage and try to win fantastic prizes! Here you can see a selection of the prizes:
1. Prize: 3-day fishing permit at the Austrian Salza for two persons
2. Prize: SAGE Foundation Fly Rod (you chose the line class)
3. Prize: Renzetti Traveller Tying Vise
4. Prize: 2-day fishing permit Weiße Traun here in Bavaria
5. Prize: 1-day fishing permit Austrian Salza
6. Prize: TRAUN RIVER Rotary Deluxe Tying Vise
7. Prize: 1-day fishing permit Bavarian Traun
8. & 9. Prize: 1-day fishing permit Förchensee (pristine trout lake) in Bavaria
10. Preis: ½ Whiting Cape
11. & 12. Prize: Whiting Variety Pack
13. to 15. Prize: TRAUN RIVER Fly Tying Tool Set
16. to 20. Prize: TMC 100 (black) Hooks New Combo Pack
21. to 25. Prize: TRAUN RIVER Fly Tying Material Pack

Conditions of participation:
– Every fly tier can participate in every category.
– You must be at least 18 years old.
– Please use TIEMCO hooks for your pattern. This is not mandatory. You can choose your hook on your own.
– Every fly tier needs to use the application form and please fill out the form for the tying instructions.
– Every fly pattern needs to be packed separately and please make sure to match the tying instructions with the according fly pattern. Non-allocated patterns will be excluded of the competition.

The submitted fly patterns will become property of the Rudi Heger GmbH and won’t be sent back. The employees of the Rudi Heger GmbH are excluded of the competition. Have fun tying some interesting patterns!!!

Thank you very much for participating in the Bavarian Fly Tying Open 2018! Participation deadline is the 31st of March 2018.

Postal Address:
Rudi Heger GmbH
Bavarian Fly Tying Open
Hauptstrasse 4
83313 Siegsdorf

For more information and to download the application form, go to:

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