RIO tips on video

Every Friday, RIO Products releases a new short video on its social outlets to give anglers quick tips on how to improve skills. The series includes freshwater, saltwater and Spey topics, and a mix of casting, fishing and gear tips – some basic, some technical, and everything in between.

Here are links to the first ten videos, that they have launched with much success.

1. Intro to series –
2. Identifying streamer water –
3. Adding weight to a streamer –
4. Quickly turn a floating line into a sink tip –
5. Roll cast tip 1 – “Point P –
6. Roll cast tip 2 – “Train tracks” –
7. Roll cast tip 3 – Start Slow –
8. Tips for winding in a reel –
9. The importance of setting the drag on a fly reel –
10. The Ready Position for saltwater fly fishing –

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