Dutch G.Loomis Cup a prey for foreign teams


On Sunday the 3rd of April the G.Loomis Cup was once again fished on two lakes of Trout Fishery De Kool in Heelweg in the Netherlands. As there were teams from all over Europe, this turned out to be a truly international competition. The day started with some light rain, but it was dry from half past ten or so onwards and the sun quickly gained in strength too. There was little wind for most of the day.

A lot of the trout were hooked at long range.


The G.Loomis Cup is a catch & release team competition fished with teams of two persons.
A quick picture and than the trout is returned to the water.


The public was watching it like a stadium watching a top soccer game.


Getting into trouble with a single haul while casting a long line.


All of the fish that were caught were measured as well.


During the weekend there was a small show with a few stands with flytying and flyfishing products inside De Kool too.


Light or dark clothing when it is so bright?


Eight sessions were fished of forty-five minutes with a fifteen minute break after each session to change places and repair the tackle. A ranking was made of each session, so it was important to try to catch fish in each of the sessions.


A nice table with prizes. The top prizes were two G.Loomis flyrods.


A method of casting that caused some discussions on the internet. A member of an Italian team put a lot of line behind him on the grass and than made one strong forward cast; it looked like a kind of static switch cast. Of course the bottom had to be free of debris, but he made some impressive long casts in this way.


The results for the first ten teams:


1. Marek Walczyk & Grzegorz Golofit, Poland, 101 points, 491 cm;


2. Roman Heimlich & Ivan Vancura, Czech Republic, 128 points, 537 cm;


3. Julien Lorquet & Jason Zapoticzny, Belgium, 130 points, 395 cm;

4. Federico Santi Armantini & Valerio, Italy, 153,5 points, 1202 cm;

5. Libor Marienka & Martin Vicakvik, Czech Republic, 157,5 points, 213 cm;

6. Toby Merigan & John Emerson, UK, 162 points, 224 cm;

7. Philippe Hardy & David di Marco, Belgium, 166 points, 329 cm;

8. Andrej Wnekowicz & Adam, Poland, 170 points, 210 cm;

9. Giani Devooght & Pol De Meijer, Belgium, 172,5 points, 257 cm;

10. Richard van Dongen & Jan Kwisthout, Netherlands, 179 points, 197 cm.


Alex van Roon caught the largest trout of the day, a fish of 81 cm, next to 213 trout there were also two carp caught during the competition. There are a few more pictures to be found at http://www.beet.nl/index.php?pageid=29&newsitemtitle=g.loomis-cup-prooi-voor-buitenlandse-teams.

6 comments on Dutch G.Loomis Cup a prey for foreign teams

  1. Nice report on this match. I notice 2 striking things. The Italian team had 1202 cm and ended 4th, they must have blanked a few beats but must have butchered some other beats to the max. And then 9 foreign teams and luckily a Dutch team on the tenth place. What a powerfull high class teams there where present and hopefully some skils and techniques can be learned for us to fill the gap. Thanks Rudy for another good report. Greetings to all contestants and readers. Bert Schouten

  2. The Italian team had something like 25 trout in the first session, which is why they have so many centimeters along with the 153,5 points, they blanked in four session as well though. Thanks Bert for your comment.

  3. Nice report Rudy! One correction please 1th place Marek Walczyk&Grzegorz Golofit . You lost my second name ?

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