Inside the February 2017 issue of FlyFishing & FlyTying

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Skagits, stingers & loop-knots
As the new season looms, Ally Gowans will be putting all he’s learned from steelheading into his salmon fishing.

Do the Grafham shuffle
Local tactics to get the best fishing from the killer shrimp.

Deadly Spiders
The secrets to fishing them to maximum effect on rivers.

Catch the winter window
How to make the most of the grayling’s love of the midday rise.

Designed for dirty work
Tie the out-and-out attractor for stirred up water or algae-tinged lakes.

February issue

The specialist for slow glides
In-depth details on how to tie the Intruder-based Speytruder for salmon.

Catch the mullet wave
Colin MacLeod grabs the 20-second opportunity to take thin-lips from the surf.

Welcome to permit country
Non-stop saltwater action off the coast of Belize.

The tale of two rivers
Plotting the progress of the Wye & Usk.

200 coastal sea trout per season
Meet the Scottish club that has access to prime saltwater sport.

Softly, softly
Our Fly Tying League Round 3 fly is a spider style Pheasant Tail.

Win a £695 Helios rod
Answer 6 questions to win a state-of-the art Orvis rod.

The Usual Suspects
All your usual favourites, including:
– Magnus’ reviews
– Neil Patterson
– Gordon Mackie
– Charles Jardine’s sketchbook
And much, much more!


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