Tarpon Toad Variation Fly Tying Tutorial

A slight variation on a well-known fly…
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The Tarpon Toad is a fly that has long been used to target the Silver King. This is a fly that’s great for a variety of tarpon scenarios including casting at laid up fish or cruising fish. Jared ties a slight variation here that also works well for bass, stripers, and other predatory fish in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Tune in as Jared shows you step-by-step how to tie the Tarpon Toad with a slight twist.



All these materials are available from: http://bit.ly/trident-tying.

-Umpqua XS415H Hook – 2/0
-Rabbit Strip – Black
-Danville Mono Thread
-Loon UV Cure Cement – Thin
-Hareline Ice Dubbing – Midnight Fire
-EP Minnow Head Brush – 1.5in – Misty Black

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