Flyfishing Tapes – George’s favourite nymphs

Fly-tier and angling guide George McGrath’s super Youtube channel Gundog and Fly pays host to a series of interviews with well know anglers. The series was cut short unfortunately by the lockdown, but George carried on creating content…


Episode 5 (ish). Very best nymphs for river trout

George’s notes:  Check out my nymph box. I reveal my five very best nymph patterns for river trout. How to catch trout on nymphs.



• Depth charge nymph.
• Seals fur nymph.
• Twinwire nymph.
• Ptn hares ear.
• Beaded Pheasant Tail.


Tying flies

George has a whole host of fly tying how to’s at his channel and he also ties flies to order. You can find out more or get in touch with George at his facebook page:



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