Vision Fly Fishing: Coastal SEATROUT Fly Fishing From The BOAT

Antti is on a solo mission aiming for the elusive seatrout of Gulf of Finland from the boat and naturally with a fly. The stock of seatrout has been increasing in many places and Gulf of Finland is a prime example of how big impact restoration work can have. Thanks to conservationists and organizations such as Virho anglers get to enjoy fishing for something more than just the imaginery seatrout of the yesteryears.



Boat fishing for seatrout is quite popular in Finland as our archipelago lends itself much better for the boat angler than it does for the angler on the bank. But still fly fishing from the boat for seatrout is still quite rare. In this episode Antti will give his tips for the boat angler as it differs a fair bit from the approach of the bank angler.



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