So many more fly tyers can you meet at the exhibitors’ stands at the EWF

They are looking forward to many interested EWF visitors!!

At the 19th Experience the World of Fly Fishing, 24 fly tyers will be on the stages, plus many more at the EWF exhibitors’ stands. We are looking forward to:

Daniela Misteli, Eva Bellmann, Arnold Gufler, Erwin Tibad, Regine Maguhna, Cristian Ottonetti, Hans Eiber, Rainer Roth, Horst Burgstaller, Adrian Hauser, Georg Christel, Rudi Wiestermayer, Heinz Zöldi, Robert Wolhorn, Alois Trübner, Guido Scala, Michael Neitzel, Jakob Dellen, Peter Elberse, Dusan Dolinar and many more…


Adrian Hauser
Alois Trübner
Arnold Gufler
Horst Burgstaller
Cristian Ottineti
Dusan Dolinar
Erwin Tibad
Eva Bellmann
Hans Eiber
Daniela Misteli
Jakob Dellen
Michael Neitzel
Peter Elberse
Rainer Roth
Regine Maguhna
Guido Scala
Rudi Wiestermayer
Robert Wolhorn
Heinz Zöldi


19th International Experience the World of Fly Fishing
WHEN: 13 and 14 April 2024
WHERE: Event Forum Fürstenfeld
Fürstenfeld 12
D-82256 Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich


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