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Edgy tactics for flat calm; Nymphing for sea trout; 8 magic fly touches


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Tie Scandinavia’s No 1 Sedge; Explore Orkney’s trophy lochs; How to beat a flat calm.


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Catch sea trout by daylight.

July 2024 issue. At newsagents from today!

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Plus loads more informative articles, including:​
• Edgy tactics: Beating a Farmoor flat calm
• A taste for Madeira: Mountain trout at €2 per day
• Atlantic salmon’s last stand?: Why Icelanders hold the key
• Scandinavia’s No.1 Sedges: Tie the Super Pupa
• The other Orkney: Explore its secret trout lochs
• 8 magic touches: To make good flies great
• Enjoy these Cut-backs! New tying technique for Emergers
• WIN‼️ Fly reel prize: £200 Wychwood RS2 reel
• New Fenland reservoir proposed: Trout in the Fens
• Nymphing for silver: Catching sea trout by daylight
• Feeling peckish?: A fry pattern that gets down to it during a fry up
• The Usual Suspects, including: Magnus Angus’ Hardy Marksman review, Your Say, Shot of the Month and plenty more!

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