Farlows: Welcome to the brand new world of Schöffel Fly Fishing

For 27 years, Schöffel have prided themselves for designing and manufacturing the finest game shooting and country clothing that money can buy. And over the years, we have repeatedly been asked by our customers to produce a range of fly fishing clothing to match the quality, design and standards that we set with the inception of the Ptarmigan Shooting Coat range in 1994. Well, 27 years on, we believe we have done just that.



Designed and engineered around the same guiding principles upon which the Schöffel Country brand was built – namely quality, durability, attention to detail and, most importantly, technical performance in the field – we are confident that this product range will continue to do what we have always strived for: to enhance your experience in the field and, from now on, on the water, too.


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