FF&FT September: Big trout from small pools – Fishing Martin’s Minnow

FF&FT September


ANT-icipate. Are you fully prepared for the UK’s mass ant-fall?
At newsagents from today!

Plus loads more informative articles, including:​
• Big trout from small pools: How to tie and fish Martin’s Minnow
• Haul-away Spey: Ways to add distance and turnover to your single-handed Spey cast
• Pop-up Emerger: Try this new presentation style of dry-fly fishing
• Cast a Stone: A look at summer Stoneflies, from Cumbria to Wyoming, USA
• Salt & silver flies: The top fly patterns for coastal sea trout
• Going… Going… Gone!: What alternative will you use when seal’s fur runs out?
• Great Scott!: The Scottish novelist and his flies, 250 years on
• The £200 million question: What is the true value of fishing to Wales?
• WIN! £100 worth of books, PLUS ‘Mullet on the fly’
• To the point: Which tapered leader design suits your fishing best?
• Mixed fortunes: Tracing the fly-fisher’s progress in an ever-changing world
• UNDERCURRENT – The true cost of clean rivers: exploring the root problem of sewage in our waterways, and a search for a solution
• News: Consultation concerns on Severn, Wye and Usk; EA recruits 50 new farm inspectors; Auction of tackle collection stored in a London garage for 100 years; Tierra del Fuego bans open-net cage farming …
• The Usual Suspects, including: Magnus Angus’ reviews, Your Say, Shot of the Month and plenty more!


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