KIFF Leader Looper

KIFF delivers simple, innovative streamside accessories to make fly fishing easier, less work, and more satisfying. “Designed, manufactured, and used by avid fly fishing experts in South Africa and tested in the Seychelles, an area full of fly fishing masters. Our engineers are mad about fishing just like our customers. Our great ideas come from long days on the water and knowing what fly fishermen need.”



KIFF Leader Looper (Patented)
• Super tough silicone.
• Installs in seconds.
• Slides easily onto the reel seat, providing a very handy T-piece pivot point to loop your leader around.
• Keeps your leader fly-line connection outside the rod guides, away from the reel to reduce frustration and rod tip breaks.
• Prevents common problems/annoyances like losing your leader in your reel spool…or kinking your leader by wrapping it around the reel seat.
• Available in multiple colours to suit your style!
• TWO SIZES: a) Regular reel seat, b) Larger “fighting butt”.

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