Petition to save the huchen!

The Styrian Mur is one of the last large alpine rivers in Austria that provides a habitat for a large population of huchen. In almost almost all others, it has become extinct due to interventions mainly for energy production.

Despite this enormous importance for nature, there are concrete plans to build new power plants. This is in contradiction to all the protective regulations for the huchen and numerous other species in running waters. Running rivers are exactly what the huchen needs. Humans and countless other living creatures depend on intact flowing watercourses with their riparian forests – this is what needs to be saved and to restore them to their natural state!

The last free-flowing river habitats for the huchen on the Mur should be preserved and improved, not deteriorated! In any case no new power plants should be built in protected areas!


Please vote and forward the information widely!


Michael Komuczki


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