The Guideline Scandi Integrated stretches from #6/7 and 27 gram all the way to the big #10/11 and 45 grams. Easy to lift and to cast, and can easily manage wind with both larger flies and poly leaders if needed. Whether you are fishing smaller rivers or swinging through big waters with long rods, the Scandi Integrated line has got you covered!



With the Scandi Integrated Guideline is combining the shooting ability with the presentation and simplicity of a WF line. Integrated means that the running line and head are combined. In between you have the unique back taper and handling line that gives you a lot of benefits! Even if the line primarily is designed as a full floating line, you can without any issues put on a heavier poly leader if you would like to get the fly down to a certain depth.

Learn more about the Scandi Integrated WF:

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