Guideline: Bluefin tuna on the fly

In South West of France on the Atlantic side, there is a magical area recognized more for its gastronomy and way of life, and less for its extraordinary potential concerning blue fin tuna fishing. Close to the coast at Capbreton starts a submarine canyon named Gouf de Capbreton. This geological structure runs until 270 km to reach a depth of 4000 meters in front of Santander in Spain.



This huge basin is a refuge for a lot pelagic species as mackerel, anchovies and of course blue fin tunas. Since several years, anchovies are coming back in very good numbers and then, behind , blue fin tunas, anchovies are the favorite feed for them. Tunas love anchovies, and often anchovies are close to the surface, so the show can begin! If we are lucky enough, we can see hundreds of Blue Fin Tunas feeding these little fishes, the scene is just crazy, but it’s not often the case.

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