Farlows: New fly-fishing products by Hardy

Farlows recently uploaded a number of product videos by Hardy. In these videos, Howard Croston explains the many features of the latest exciting products by Hardy.


Hardy Ultralite LL Single Handed Fly Rods

Never before have light line and river specific anglers had so many advanced techniques to choose from. The surge in popularity around advanced European style and competition style techniques has to some degree left rod design behind – not any more. These technique specific rods have been designed, developed, and tested by some of the leading exponents of modern light line methods to represent the most refined and usable actions on the market for these demanding styles of fishing.


Hardy Ultralite Single Handed Fly Rods

The all new Ultralite range of fly rods features Sintrix NSX, Sintrix NSX is based on our industry changing Sintrix technology but now combined with a secondary classified additive that allows much lower prepreg weights to be achieved. This lighter weight material allows targeted modification of the blank design without affecting the blanks strength. The net result is lighter, more responsive blanks that allow the angler to “feel “ the line more during the casting stroke giving a greater degree of control than ever before. The reel seat on the Ultralite is a master piece of form and function – moving more of the rods weight % behind the hand gives incredible in-hand balance, single start threads resist the reel loosening under heavy use and a keyed body further ensure a snug fit for your reel.



Hardy Ultradisc UDLA Fly Reel

A light weight disc drag reel in its purest form, the all new Ultradisc features everything you need and nothing you don’t in a disc drag fly reel. With an innovative frame design this reel sets a new standard in light weight performance reels whilst allowing the use of ultra thin fly lines and running lines as well as leader only systems popular in modern river fishing. The scaled multi pad drag system is also unregulated meaning fine adjustment of the drag pressure over a large window is possible.



Hardy Ultraclick UCL Fly Reels

A new standard in ultra light fly reels. The UCL series is our lightest ever fly reel, featuring a fully enclosed line guard for use with ultra thin line designs and leader only systems this series of reels is the ultimate for the light line aficionado. Fitted with an adjustable all-metal click system this is the perfect reel for the lightest of applications.



Hardy Zane Pro Saltwater Fly Rods

The Saltwater Game changer 2.0 So Why ? Why redesign possibly the greatest saltwater flyrod ever built? Why reduce the shaft diameter on selected sizes for better wind penetration and reduced weight? Why redesign the mandrels and pattern layups to squeeze every last drop of performance out of the aerospace grade carbon fibre and advanced Sintrix 440 resin system? Why upgrade the guides to the latest generation in ceramic lined titanium recoils? Why upgrade to a single start scratch resistant hard anodised reel seat? Why build it in a Rod factory with 147 years of rod building heritage? The simple answer is why not.



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